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Winter Sky

(New Horizons, Book Two)

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Art.Nr.: 978-3-96008-996-4
Autoren: MacWilliams, Ally
Mehr Artikel von: MacWilliams, Ally
Seiten: 187
Einband: Taschenbuch



After months apart, seventeen-year-old Emily Hoffmann is thrilled to be reunited with Ben, her American crush, whom she met during her time in Ennis, Montana. Ben cannot believe his luck; when he and his classmates arrive in Feldbruck, Austria, for their study-abroad program, Emily’s family is hosting him. Two weeks together at last! Things could not be any better for the couple. After a few days of pure bliss, however, reality sneaks in. As obstacles pull the pair apart, old habits – and old romances – emerge, making the couple’s two weeks in heaven anything but blissful. With Ben’s ex-girlfriend Julie meddling, Emily questions Ben’s commitment to her, and Ben wonders if Emily and Jake are more than friends. While Emily and Ben navigate their time together, they also struggle with major life decisions on their horizons. Emily must confront her fears as she strives to live in the moment, while Ben has to balance facing the future and accepting the past. Winter Sky, New Horizons Book Two, explores what it means to be true to oneself while learning to let go a little. Though oceans apart, these teens have more than one thing in common. And as for Emily and Ben – they face the toughest question of all: Does love truly know no bounds?

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