Big Sky (New Horizons, Book One)

Art.Nr.: 978-3-96008-078-7

Seventeen-year-old Austrian, Emily Hoffman, has been a shy, exemplary, does-nothing-wrong A-student all her life. The upcoming senior trip, a two-week exchange program with the high school in the quaint little town of ennis, Montana, might be just what emily needs to break out of her shell, find out who she really is and unearth the courage to pursue her dream of studying overseas at the University of Washington. Immersed in a different culture, Emily gets a taste of American high school life and is faced with an array of situations she could have never imagined – especially dealing with her less than friendly host-sister and unexpectedly falling for sexy musician Ben. in just a short amount of time Emily explores the fine balances between playing it safe and taking risks, making new friends and dealing with unexpected foes, and falling in love and letting love go. Celebrating friendship, exploring first loves and delving into that so familiar search for one’s own voice, ‘Big Sky’ offers a unique coming of age story which shows how teenagers who seemingly live worlds apart are brought together by similar life experiences, a yearning to discover who they are and a desire to find their place in the world.


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Big Sky (New Horizons, Book One)